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Assignment4: Ways to get help with mental health

Learning Objectives. By the end of this topic, you should be able to: Understand what mental health is. Know why mental health is important to us. Learn the potential mental health problems. Identify whether you need help in mental health… Continue Reading →

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Which assessment is more popular in the classroom, formative or summative assessment? Summative assessment evaluates student learning by comparing standards at the end of a unit of study or semester. Examples include exams, quizzes, etc. Formative assessment can monitor student… Continue Reading →

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AR application to multi-media teaching AR appears in our life mostly for leisure and entertainment. Before learning the topic of this lesson, I did not associate AR with multimedia teaching. If AR is applied to multimedia learning, I think it… Continue Reading →


Multimedia learning includes picture learning, video learning, and sound learning, etc. Video learning has become common in every classroom, as most video learning provides picture and sound information transfer. I reshot and edited a video on how to make Chinese… Continue Reading →

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Investigate Game Based Learning and Gamification Tool List Game Based Learning Kahoot: Easy to create, share and play learning games or trivia quizzes in minutes [2] Quizlet: Simple tools that let you learn anything for free [1] Quizizz: Fun multiplayer… Continue Reading →

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How videos poorly made or with unpolished elements may effect viewers Poorly produced videos often give viewers an awful viewing experience. For example, a video has the problem of confusing editing, inserting many different video elements, and viewers may not… Continue Reading →

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Sketch noting being used within learning Sketch noting will be an excellent way to take notes in people’s learning life. It combines the boring words with the picture words together. Sometimes we have to admit that pictures are more convincing… Continue Reading →

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Application of multimedia learning principles As multimedia learning begins to permeate people’s lives, it is more important to follow the principles of multimedia learning to make it more effective. When I was not learning about the principles of multimedia learning,… Continue Reading →

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Meaning of Nature I recently read Thoreau’s Walden Lake. Thoreau uses his simple words to depict the endless charm of nature in Walden Lake. He loves nature and goes to it. The descriptions of the scenery permanently enchant me. I grew… Continue Reading →

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Cognitive Load Theory Cognitive Load Theory was developed by John Sweller. Since our human brains have a limited capacity, we need to templatize what we learn so that individuals can better remember large amounts of information. The following video provides… Continue Reading →

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